Monday, 1 June 2015

Fashion Feature

Whats up guys, its Issy! Today I have a fashion feature for you all, I put this outfit on the other day and fell in love with the way it looked so HAD to share it with you all. I hope you like it as much as I do!

 This is the same outfit without the black top on as I was wearing the white crop top as an underlayer as the black top has low cut sides.

 Black ying and yang top- Urban Outfitters
 Black jeans- Topshop
 Grey cardigan- Ark
 White top- Topshop
 Sunglasses- Urban Outfitters

Monday, 25 May 2015


I went on a school trip to London the other day so I thought I would share a few photos that I took whilst I was there. Enjoy :)
The best way to start the day, obviously
(Cool Lime Refresher)

Imperial War Museum

MASSIVE watermelons in whole foods! ( This picture makes me drool omg)

Macarons... OH MY LORD

*heart eye emoji*

Trafalgar Square



Quick drink and snack on a boat on the Thames.

All My Love, Issy xxx

Changing to a plant-based diet

I wanted to share something that I have been trying for the past two weeks now. I switched to a plant based diet (vegan basically). Seen as I was a lactose intolerant vegetarian anyway, i only had to cut out fish and eggs so I have found it super easy. I LOVE being a vegan. My body feels so clean and healthy. I can also see my muscles more defined aswell!? I eat alot of raw meals but I found i can eat a lot of the things I can eat because it s all very good and nutritious for my body so eating plenty doesn't damage my body. I noticed my skin has got a lot clearer and my hair is super soft now! I don't know how long I plan to keep this up for but for now I really enjoy it!

All My Love, Issy xxx

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Foodies Festival 2015

Today I attended the Birmingham Foodies Festival in Cannon Hill Park. It was such a lovely day out that was accompanied with some much needed sunshine. There were lots of stalls around with different food related products such as Riverford. The atmosphere was really happy with lots of families out enjoying their day. Lots of stalls provided tasters and everyone was very friendly. I didn't take many pictures but I thought I would share the ones i did manage to take!

My shoes - Doc Martens

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Yummy Summer 2015 #1

Hello my lovelys!

I am really determined this year to get really fit and healthy for summer! Not only so i can wear shorts and not feel self conscious but i don't know how much more pizza and cake my body can take hahaha! I want to make a really big effort as of today to do a few things. I'm going to do weekly updates on how well I am doing so look out for any blog posts titled 'Yummy Summer 2015 #' 

Things I'm going to do

Drink water
I am going to make sure i drink 2L a day. I always forget to drink throughout the day and I don't really like water, I find it really boring! Water is SO good for your skin, hair, body and everything and i really need to make sure i am drinking enough! And i need to stop drink soda!

Eat Clean
I am such a sucker for sweet treats and I constantly have to stop myself from reaching for the biscuit tin! I am going to make sure i eat lots of fruit and vegetables and only eat foods that are nutritious to my body. 

Workout More
I am going to try and go to the gym every night after school and do some cardio to improve my stamina so when I am home from school I can go on long run in the countryside and not feeling like I'm going to pass out! I love the feeling after I've worked out and got really sweaty (as gross as that sounds!) because i feel like I've accomplished something and I feel like I am doing something good for my body haha! I also want to make sure I do some muscle training after my workout, especially abs!

Make A Bigger Effort With My Skin 
I am going to make sure I stick to my skin care routine and also make sure I moisturise my skin with 'Aqueous Cream' because whenever i use it, I notice a big difference in the softness on my skin. I am going to buy some of the Body Shop vitamin C range for my skin/face but I can't at the moment because I can't get to the shop or order it which is really annoying but i will probably do a blog post when i eventually get it!

Keep My Mind Clear
This sounds really weird but I want to clear my mind every night because I've been really stressed so I am going to sit down every night with some calm music on and reflect on my day and try and resolve any problems that I have had that day. That might sound really weird but I think it will help me haha!

Be More Kind
This doesn't really relate to summer but I want to try and be super nice to everyone. Not in a fake way but when I am stressed, i become quite grouchy and sarcastic and I think some people take it to heart so I am going to 'think before I speak'.

So those are a few things I want to focus on right now and up until summer! I am going to make a chart/check list for my notebook or wall and check each thing off when I have done it that day! Wish me luck.

All my love, Issy 

Thursday, 7 May 2015

How to overcome procrastination!

I am the queen of procrastination! I can find a million and one ways to avoid doing what I'm supposed to be doing. Recently, however i have been making an effort to focus 100% on what i am doing. Weather it be school work, dancing, doing chores or even having a conversation with someone! Here are a few tips to keep you motivated and on track!

1.) Turn OFF distracting electricals!
This is my main distraction when i am trying to get something done, especially schoolwork! Turn your phone/laptop ect off until you are done. Any conversations, games, webpages will still be there when you have finished and you have something to work towards. You will have in mind that when you're done, you can turn your devices back on and continue whatever you were doing! 

2.) Make a list.
Making lists is something i LOVE doing (weird as it sounds). It helps me order my jobs in order on importance/due date/priority ect. This one is really useful for chores and homework. I order chores in the time it takes me to complete it with the most time consuming at the beginning. For homework i put whatever is due the soonest first.

3.) Put yourself in a calm and quiet environment.
This is most useful for homework and practising dance. If you are in a distraction-free environment it is MUCH easier to concentrate and get things done to the best standard. 

4.) Have some calm music on.
I use this mostly for homework and going to sleep. I always spend hours laying in bed on my phone but by having calm relaxing music on it tells my brain that i should be winding down and relaxing, not on my phone! 

5.) TEA!
Having a hot mug of sugary tea helps me to concentrate especially when i am doing homework. 

I have really bad concentration problems and i am very fidgety and i can distracted at an unreasonable rate! It is really annoying and really hard to deal with because i often get told off or shouted at multiple times each lesson for not paying attention but i just cannot help it! Does anyone else find this? 


Sunday, 5 April 2015

March Favourites

Bit late on the bandwagon but the month of March has flown by! I wanted to share with you some of the things i have been loving this month, weather it be makeup, shoes, music or food! Lets get started, i'll try and keep it short.

First up - A MAC lipstick. My favourite shade that i have bought so far by far. Media. It's a Satin finish in a deep purple and it is so stunning. Its a more autumnal colour so I think March is the last month i can get away with wearing it until around October (cries)

I have been obsessed with this mascara from MAC (Extended play lash) a lot in the past but i picked it up again recently and it reminded me why i love it! It is the most lengthening mascara i've ever used. It isn't that volumising but i have thick eyelashes anyway so that doesn't concern me and for the lengthening properties of this mascara, it doesn't even matter about volume! 

I got these two lip products at christmas in a set from Benefit and at first i wasn't too sure about them but i have been loving them this month. They are a mix between a lip balm and a sheer lipstick, a tinted lip balm i guess. The colour is subtle but can be built up but i like to wear it for school (loli balm) so i don't build it up in that instance. They are super hydrating and super pretty. I recommend if you are unsure about wearing lipsticks yet.

These stunning boots are from the store Ark, which i absolutely adore! I love these boots and they are so comfortable. I could walk around in these for days. I adore the style and when i saw them in the store, i fell in love and just had to buy them! Check Ark out because it is one of my favourite brands -

I am not a wearer of jewelry but i really like interesting, unusual pieces like this. I got this again from Ark but it had been lying round the store for like 6 years they said so they sold it to me off the mannequin for £3 so it was an absolute steal! I wear it loads and i love it.

The last thing is a movie. The Breakfast Club. I ADORE this film. I think it is one of the best films ever made and i have watched it on repeat this month. I think it is a film every teenager should watch and the message it spreads is so important. My favourite character is Bender (Judd Nelson) but i also love Brian (Michael Hall). I think it is really witty but also has a beautiful storyline about fitting in and the different characters in the world and how is it important not to judge people.

Thats it for now chumps!
All my love, Issy x